About Us

The Muskoka & Area Ontario Health Team is a voluntary, formal collaborative of local health and social service providers working together with patients/clients, families and caregivers to co-design an inclusive, better integrated local health system by ensuring a comprehensive continuum of care.

The Muskoka & Area OHT was established in December 2019 following provincial government approval to form an Ontario Health Team for the area.

Patient and doctor sitting next to one another and smiling while doctor holds denture.

A Message from the Alliance Council Co-Chairs

Now more than ever, as healthcare in Ontario is facing its toughest challenges, change is required to ensure we all have an equitable, accessible and sustainable local healthcare system. In Muskoka and surrounding area, the need to integrate a siloed system has been long recognized and many have advocated for transformation.

Muskoka and area’s movement toward integrated healthcare began in 2016 with a grass roots group known as the Muskoka and Area Health System Transformation (MAHST). MAHST developed a Community Plan for System Integration and Sustainability, which included a recommendation and implementation plan that was delivered to the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network. MAHST had an impact! The Ministry of Health introduced the Ontario Health Team (OHT) model that mirrors the MAHST proposal in many significant ways.

In 2019 the Muskoka & Area Ontario Health Team was chosen as one of the first teams to move forward as an OHT candidate. Health care transformation in the Muskoka and surrounding area is truly a story of deep and broad community commitment—we thank those who have contributed in the past, those actively engaged today, and those who will join in as the Muskoka & Area Ontario Health Team continues to grow and evolve.

This website provides an opportunity for everyone to understand the Muskoka & Area Ontario Health Team, with unique pages aimed at Patients and Partners. We encourage you to explore the site, reading more about our Mission, Vision and Values, our key strategic goals and priorities, the great strides made in developing and implementing programs and projects aimed at providing enabling technology, and new, integrated patient services. You also have access to key Patient Resources to assist you in navigating the health care system.

What is an OHT?

Introduced in 2019 by the Ontario provincial government, Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are collaborative networks of healthcare providers and organisations working together to improve access to care, streamline the patient experience, and improve health outcomes for the local population.

Each OHT is made up of a variety of healthcare providers, such as doctors, nurses, community health workers, social workers, and hospitals, who work together to coordinate care across different settings and provide a seamless experience for patients.

Regional OHTs are a key part of Ontario’s healthcare transformation, which aims to create a more integrated and connected healthcare system across the province.

Read more about OHTs.
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Our Priorities

Currently, the Muskoka & Area OHT is focusing on improving care coordination and care transitions for those 65 and older. We plan to continue to expand the continuum of services through new partnerships and collaboration.

Our three key priorities are to:

  • Create a ‘health care home’ for every person within Muskoka and Area,
  • Ensure a full continuum of care through expanding and deepening, collaboration between existing OHT partners and other health and social care providers who work in our communities,
  • Build community trust and broad support through a commitment to proactive transparent communication, engagement, and partnerships.

Geographical Region

The Muskoka & Area OHT services a broad and dispersed geography—over 5,000 square kilometres. Our population is spread over multiple municipalities in Muskoka and the surrounding area of East Parry Sound, spanning an area of 145 km at its widest (as far east as Algonquin Highlands and west to pockets of Georgian Bay) and 120 km from north of Burk’s Falls to south of Kilworthy.

A map showing the area that MAOHT serves, including parts of Muskoka and Parry Sound.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Working as partners to collaborate and actively engage people (patients, clients, families and caregivers) to co-design and build an equitable, accessible and sustainable local healthcare system anchored in primary care to meet the needs of Muskoka and Area.

Our Vision

Transforming health services together with people at the centre.

Our Values

Efficient & Equitable Care

Health Improvement & Well-Being

Participation & Engagement

Partnerships & Collaboration

Accountability & Transparency

Important Milestones

  1. Readiness Assessment

    Ontario Health Team readiness assessment is submitted by a group of healthcare providers.

  2. Application Submitted

    The full Ontario Health Team application is submitted to the Ministry of Health.

  3. Announcement

    The Honourable Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, announces the Muskoka and Area Health Team (MAOHT) as one of the first teams in the province to implement a new model of organising and delivering healthcare.

  4. Agreement Signed

    The Signatory Partners sign an Alliance Agreement.

  5. Engagement Strategy

    The MAOHT Patient Family Caregiver Partners Advisory Committee submits engagement strategy to Ministry of Health.

  6. Strategic Plan

    A three-year Strategic Plan is put in place.

Land Acknowledgement

We respectfully acknowledge and honour that the geography served by the Muskoka and Area Ontario Health Team is located on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabeg peoples, as well as the Huron-Wendat and the Mississauga peoples, under the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850, the Williams Treaties of 1923 and Treaty 20 of 1818.

We also acknowledge the Moose Deer Point First Nation, the Wahta Mohawks, the Georgian Bay and Moon River Métis Councils in this region.

Together, we thank Indigenous peoples – all First Nations, Métis and Inuit – for their stewardship and protection of the lands and waters that we occupy, as well as their cultures, languages, teachings and ways of being that have shaped Muskoka and its surrounding areas.

The Muskoka & Area OHT is committed to acknowledging, learning about, and honouring sacred places and teachings, which will guide our work toward Truth and Reconciliation, in support of health and wellness for all.