Clinical Partners Advisory Committee

The Clinical Partners Advisory Committee (CPAC) provides guidance and advice to the Muskoka & Area OHT on all clinical aspects of projects and activities.

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Our Mandate

CPAC focuses achievement in key areas including:

  • Patient and population outcomes;
  • Patient and caregiver experience;
  • Provider experience; and,
  • Value and efficiency.

Committee Members

The Committee consists of 18 members representing providers from across the Muskoka & Area OHT geography. It includes:

Dr. David Mathies, Co-Chair; Family Physician, AFHT
Dr. Keith Cross, Co-Chair; Family Physician, CCFHT

Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick, General Surgeon, MAHC
Dr. Tina Kappos, Family Physician, CCFHT
Darcy Medland, Commander, Muskoka Paramedic Services
Dr. John Simpson, Director & Chief, Emergency Medicine, MAHC
Christine Fitchett, Nurse Practitioner, BMAC, CCFHT
Dr. Melanie Mar, Family Physician, AFHT
Dr. Scott Whynot, Family Physician, BMAC, CCFHT
Melissa Kilpatrick, NP, MAHC
Cherie Dyer, Clinical Pharmacist, CCFHT
Barbara Borland, Midwife, Midwives of Muskoka

Members serve a minimum of a two-year term with a maximum of four years.

Join Us

If you are interested in learning more, or in becoming a Member, please contact