Patient Family Caregiver Partners Advisory Committee

Your voice matters! Muskoka & Area Ontario Health Team is committed to health system co-design with community members who participate in working groups, task forces and committees as partners in the co-design of the MAOHT.

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Our Mandate

The role of the Patient, Family, Caregiver Partners Advisory Committee (PFCPAC) is to create a forum for broad-based advice and input from those receiving services from the Muskoka & Area OHT.

The primary objective of the PFCPAC is to bring together people with lived experience, such as patients/clients, caregivers, and family members, and advocate organizations, to discuss matters across the MAOHT and the broader health care and social services and community sectors. This is intended to mutually inform and deepen members’ perspectives and their ability to advise other partners, stakeholders and OHT governance on PFC issues.

Committee Members

Evelyn Brown, Co-Chair
Karen Beatty, Co-Chair

Irene Wright
Sandra Holdsworth
Beth Grixti
Kelley Gleeson
Desarae Doolittle
Marcia Yale

PFCPAC Support

Janine van den Heuvel, Chair, Communications Working Group
Harold Featherston, Project Manager

Join Us

Who can join?

The PFCPAC is open to people who:

  • Have recently received health care or have been a caregiver in the Muskoka area
  • Are not currently employed in health care


The role of PFCPAC committee members is to:

  • Provide guidance and recommendations on services within our area
  • Offer advice at the committee level and with the Alliance Council
  • Ensure that the perspectives of local residents are adequately represented
  • Share lived experiences and bringing their unique perspectives to committee work
  • Highlight the complexities of the healthcare system.


PFCPAC convenes monthly, except in August. Members are also involved in working groups, task forces and committees. The time required will vary depending on the level of your involvement, but the minimum time required will be approximately 9 hours per month. There is a minimum 2 year term to be on PFCPAC. There is a monthly remuneration that is paid on a quarterly basis for time spent attending meetings, and for meeting preparation and project related work

Apply to PFCPAC

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